Playground Advocacy

Play is to children what work is to an adult. It is vital to one’s self image, growth, and personal and social development. A public or private investment in a playground should get the best product at the most cost-effective price. Most playgrounds today fall far short of the needs of the children who use them.

What makes a great playground? What makes a playground part of a memorable experience? 

  • A great playground can be designed to stimulate a child's imagination. It fosters cooperation, social skills, acceptance, and imagination.
  • A great playground provides opportunities to take risks and learn and coop.
  • A great playground allows children to build confidence through experience and skill building opportunities.
  • A great playground can be designed for kids of all abilities and ages.
  • A great playground allows children to experience risk as part of the design. Learning to manage risk is necessary for life. Adults understand that risk and hazard are different.
  • A great playground is ADA Compliant and allows children of all ages and abilities to intermingle and play.

These are criteria that the design teams at Beanstalk Builders consider when developing exciting play areas that create those memorable experiences. Beanstalk Playgrounds aim to provide numerous play challenges that require the participant to work hard and develop core strengths, as well as mental and physical fitness. Kids are often exhausted after playing on a Beanstalk Playground.

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